1. What are benefits of play dough?

- Enhances and helps develop fine motor skills.
Squishing, squashing, shaping, cutting, poking, rolling and flattening play dough helps develop and strengthen muscles and tendons in little hands. Just the basic act of playing with play dough builds those hands muscles.

- Enhances hand-eye coordination.
The use of a variety of shapes, cutters and rolling pins while playing with play dough also improves a child’s hand-eye-coordination.

- Encourages imagination & creativity
No matter how many colors are available, there is an unlimited number of creations children can make from play dough. Creating objects encourages children to stretch their imaginations and think in new and innovative ways.

And many more!

2. How long does the play dough last?

Typically play dough can last up to 6 months depends on how it stored. Please, always return play dough to its container and close lid. Store it in cool dry place.

3. Is the play dough edible?

It's okay to admit that you stuck play dough in your mouth when you were a kid, we all did it, knowing well that play dough is not for eating. Luckily if your little one is feeling a little exploratory, our play dough is completely safe.
Adult supervision required.

4. How so I take care of the play dough?

1) Please, wash your hands before handling play dough and clean the playing surface area.

2) When not in use, place it back into container and close lid. Store it in cool dry place.

3) Play dough likes to be squished! The more your little one plays with it, softer it becomes.

4) If you see salt crystals, just kneed the play dough and it will disappear.

5) If the play dough dried out, put it in zip top bag with a tsp of water and kneed it until soft. For hardened play dough let it sit overnight.

5. Do you have gluten free play dough?

Not at the moment. You can get notified when we have a gluten free play dough by subscribing to our newsletter!

6. Allergen Information

Our play dough contains wheat.

It does not contain nuts, soy or dairy, however, it is made in a facility that process all of those.

If you have more questions, please, use "Contact Us" form to reach out!

Thank you!