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Our Story

Hey there! We are YayaEcoDesign. But what does that even mean? Well, let me break it down for ya!



You'll notice the first part of my company name is YaYa. Funny story: my daughter, Olivia was always saying "YaYa" when she was little. I realized that she wasn't just yammering away, she was calling herself that! YaYa sounded happy and silly, just like her, so it stuck around. The reason why YaYa comes first in our name is because it all started with her. When the pandemic hit, I realized two things: I had more time with Olivia and I needed to keep her entertained! Suddenly, I found myself experimenting with playdough recipes and YaYa too! We both mixed, molded, giggled, and laughed! As a mother I understand the need to find quality products that will entertain our children while bringing us closer together. Family is first in our business. We hope that our products will bring your family closer to each other and maybe oven closer to us!


My daughter is my whole world. I knew that I must protect her world. You will see that every ingredient I use is environmentally friendly and child safe. If you don't believe me smell it for yourself! Each product is scented and colored with essential oils and natural dyes. Our packages are reusable and refillable too! This way we can share the fun and save the planet.


Every product of mine is designed with purpose and intent. I make every decision for my customers, for our planet, and most importantly for our children. My dough is designed to inspire creativity, fine motor skills, and mindfulness. Every detail, including the packages, tools, colors and even scents are designed by me, for you. We want our products to reflect who we are: a family of the world.

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