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Our Impact

Hey there!

I am constantly thinking and working on ways to reduce my carbon footprint. While plastic is already present in my home, my goal for 2022, moving forward is to think before I buy. Think about how it's going to impact the future of our children and our planet!

I'm not just going to think before I buy, but also before I sell. These are the steps I will be taking necessary steps to make my business even more eco-friendly:

1. Carbon offset

Carbon Offset is a way to compensate for your emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere. All our deliveries are carbon neutral! Learn more


2. Reused packaging

Don't be surprised if you receive an Amazon package you didn't buy at your door. It might just be Yaya Eco Design! As an online shopper, I frequently receive packages. Did you know that packaging accounts for ⅓ of household waste?! Well, not my house. Not anymore. While plastic is hard to avoid, we can at least reuse it, rather than produce it. I will be reusing packaging materials from my own orders to package yours!

3. Smart Packaging

If you're anything like me, you sweat the small details. I have been looking into my products to find ways to reduce my impact on the environment. PET containers can be reused in the kitchen and for crafts. It is FDA approved as safe for food packaging. It is shatterproof and lightweight compared to a glass containers and requires less amount of packaging used to protect the container, reducing overall package size and weight which leads to less emissions in transportation. Glass requires a lot of sand (concerns for reducing world's sand supply), energy produced (glass furnace runs 24/7), and it takes one million years to break down. That is why we switched to PET containers and advise our customers to re-use first.


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