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Eco Dough Care

Awesome, you got the dough! Here are some tips and tricks to make it last longer:


General guidance:

  • Wash your hands before handling eco dough and clean the playing surface area. Why? If less bacteria gets onto eco dough, less bacteria is going to grow!

  • When not in use, place it back into the container and close the lid tight. Store in cool dry place or in the fridge if your house gets too hot. Why? It will prevent the natural ingredients from spoiling.

  • Take eco dough out of the container and play/kneed at least once a week.  Why? Eco dough needs to be aired out once in a while, it will help it to stay soft and fresh.


  • If you left eco dough out for some time and is dry, you can bring it back to life. How? If it is not too dry, just kneed until soft. If it is still too dry, add a few sprinkles of water and kneed until soft.

  • If salt crystals appear on the dough, you can fixt it. How? Just kneed it until they dissolve.

  • If play dough feel sticky, you are not gonna believe it but you can fix it too. How? Add some flour and kneed until play dough does not stick to your hands or surface anymore.


  • Kids 3+ age (Adults can play with it too!).

  • Adult supervision required.

  • Replace eco dough with fresh batch every three months. 


Handmade Playdough can grow mold, if not used regularly and left in warm damp conditions/places with a lot of moisture. If your house gets too warm, please, keep the playdough in the fridge.

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